Stabilization – Drone Term of the Week

Drones are unstable by nature – and they’re always in motion!

So, stability is a very important thing!

In this Term of the Week, we discuss some of the ways that drones (quad copters, octocopters, and other drone types) can be stabilized!

Using a Computer

By now, you’ve surely noticed that every movement is accomplished by changing the spin rate of one or more rotors. Doing that simply requires a controller that can increase or decrease the voltage to each motor. That’s not too difficult to set up. But just imagine this—you have a drone with 4 controllers. You’d need one controller for each motor power level. It would be crazy difficult to manually adjust each motor power to achieve the desired motion.

However, if you have some type of computer control system, you can simply push a joystick with your thumb and let a computer handle all of that. An accelerometer and gyroscope in the drone can further increase the ease and stability of flight by making minute adjustments in the power to each rotor.

The Drone Term of the Week – Do You Know Them All?

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